• ONE-HANDED OPERATION! The Sassy Slate features soundboard of pure Pennsylvania Slate. Raspy tone, loud and easy to operate. Water resistant.Unique, patented, one-hand friction call gives yelps, clucks, purrs, tree calls and aggressive purrs. Use two hands for kee kees and cackles. 

  • COMPACT AND EASY TO OPERATE! Mahogany body, Walnut lid. The Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call is not only compact but makes the most realistic hen yelps in the woods. The famous design makes its operation virtually FOOLPROOF. 

  • GOOD FOR HAULING DECOYS IN THE FIELD! Use this duffle for hauling 4-6 full size turkey decoys to set-up site, or for clothing and gear on camping trips. Dimension: 36" x 16" x 18" Weight 2 lbs. 10 oz.

  • NEW 2017 From his body posture and head position to his wing and tail placement, to the spread and positioning of his individual feathers, this decoy is telling the tragic tale of a young gobbler living dangerously outside of the pecking order. He is trying to establish his dominance, but has yet to fully learn fear.

  • 2010 JEREMIAH STEVENS AWARD WINNING CALL! Each Padauk Slate Trough Call is handmade and recognized as the best available. Measures 4''X 2.75'' X 1''. Purpleheart striker included. Virginia Callmaker David White is the 2010 Jeremiah Stevens Award Winning Call Maker. 

  • Rich red with a smoky sunset grain, Redheart is a wood of Mexico and South America that has been named for the unique red color tones it possesses. Lonzo's Redheart Glass over aluminum is easy running and fast breaking for a high pitched nasal raspy yelp. Includes a Dymondwood rod striker. Signed and dated by Lon Trice, 2011 & 2012 NWTF DD Adams Award...

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